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Journal of Civil Engineering and Construction


ISSN(Print):   2051-7769        ISSN(Online): 2051-7777

Email: jcec@techrev.org.uk

Volume 4, Number 2 (2015)


7 papers on 1 page(s)



Behavior of the Concrete Columns Reinforced with the Carbon Polymer Fibers under Centric Loads

Kabashi, N., Krasniqi. C.,Dautaj, A., Muriqi, A, R.Basha

Full-text PDF: jcec.4.2.65.pdf



Experiment on the Mechanical Behaviors of High Strength Steel Reinforced Concrete Beam at High Temperature in Fire

Yunchun Xia

Full-text PDF: jcec.4.2.73.pdf



Numerical Analysis on Influence of Shield Construction to Neighboring Piles

Ding Kewei, Man Dawei

Full-text PDF: jcec.4.2.82.pdf



Numerical Analysis of the Durability of Retaining Wall with Anchor

Qingyu Meng, Chao Li, Hongbo Zhang, Xin Li

Full-text PDF: jcec.4.2.91.pdf



Isotope Constraint for Genetic Types of Geothermal Water in the Center Part of Guanzhong Basin, NW China

Zhiyuan Ma, Xuelian Zhang, Dan He, Xiucheng Li, Sen Guo

Full-text PDF: jcec.4.2.96.pdf



Numerical Simulation of Seepage Field of Fractured Surrounding Rock of Balang Mountain Tunnel

Qu Meng-fei, Xie Qiang, He Jian-jun, Li Zhao-yang

Full-text PDF: jcec.4.2.109.pdf



Study on Deformation Analyzing Method for Composite Foundation with Lateral Restriction

Jie Liu, Jie He

Full-text PDF: jcec.4.2.115.pdf