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Journal of Civil Engineering and Construction


ISSN(Print):   2051-7769        ISSN(Online): 2051-7777

Email: jcec@techrev.org.uk

Volume 4, Number 1 (2015)


7 papers on 1 page(s)



Flexible road pavement structural condition benchmark methodology incorporating structural condition indices derived from Falling Weight Deflectometer deflection bowls

Emile Horak, Arno Hefer, Steve Emery and James Maina

Full-text PDF: jcec.4.1.1.pdf



Numerical Simulation and Experimental Research of the Temperature Field around a Single Freezing Pipe

Di Peng, Dian-qi Pan

Full-text PDF: jcec.4.1.15.pdf



The comparative analysis of seismic performance on three different forms of special-shaped column frame structure

CAI Xin jiang

Full-text PDF: jcec.4.1.22.pdf



Parametric Analysis of Tensile Behavior for Adhesive Anchor in Steel-to-Concrete Connection Exposed to Fire

Qun Xie, Stephen Pessiki, Xin Zhang

Full-text PDF: jcec.4.1.28.pdf



Study on Dynamic Performance of Deep-Embedded Pile-Board Subgrade in Soft Soil Area

Hao BAI, Wu-bin WANG, Zi-yong LIAO, Zu-jun LI, Qian SU

Full-text PDF: jcec.4.1.39.pdf



Failure Modes-Based Multi-objective Optimization of Steel Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures

Zhiqiang LI, Junjie CHEN, Mingsheng HE

Full-text PDF: jcec.4.1.51.pdf



Prediction of Water Injection Rate For Oil Production In Different Ways

Zhao Huan, Yin Hongjun, Wang Long

Full-text PDF: jcec.4.1.59.pdf